14 February 2017

Fairy with flower step by step

Remember that lovely fairy I posted the other day and said I'd show you the finished product? Well here is the colouring tutorial for her.

Come Kolour with Me.

First up I purchased the image from Esty. The designer Is Holly Harrison Art. I really loved her hair and her beautiful wings.

I have to admit, I did purchase a number of her designs, I have a thing for fairies. I have used copics in this project and have listed all of them at the bottom of this tutorial. So you can start your own collection or add to the one you already have, I have recommended a great store you can purchase them from.

I'm starting with the skin first. My favourite skin combo for the moment is E30, E33 and E35. If you are starting out with your colouring, try to go with colours that have a gap of one shade between each. Like I've chosen here.

The first shade I've gone in with is E30. It is the lightest shade and I've mapped out where I think the shadows fall. 

 Next I went in the E33, going over the E30.

Can you see that the dark areas are where the shadows would fall. Her hair is behind her, but would still cast a shadow on her shoulders. Next I'm using a tiny bit of the E35 (she is quite a small and detailed image) for the shadows that would have a bit of extra depth.

Finally for the skin I blended all the colours together with the E30 again.

See how the hard lines have all softened now to mere shadows? 

Next the hair. I wanted to with a really light colour here. Almost a silver colour.  I used W00, W1 and W3. 

Once again I went in with the lightest shade first. W00.

Sorry it isn't too clear, it really is a very light colour. After the initial colouring I went over parts of the hair with W1 and W3. I didn't colour all the hair in one shade as I want it to look like it's getting hit by light. 

Next we go onto her clothing. The colours I'm using are V91, V93 and V95. I've started with the lightest shade V91. Once again working out where the shading will go.

Next I've gone over it with V93. 

 And V95.

In this photo you can see that I've gone over it all with the V91 again, and you can see how all the shades have blended, leaving shadows and light reflections. 

Onto the wings, and I went with the Blue Violets here. BV0000, BV000, BV01. My reasoning behind using such light shades is because I want them to look translucent. I went in first once again with the lightest shade, BV0000.

Next the BV000.

Next I used the BV01 on the wings in the area closest to her body and the 'eyes' at the end of her wings. 

I finally blended all the shades of the Blue Violet together with the BV0000. I like how it makes her wings look so fragile.

Colouring the flower was using Y11, Y15 and Y17. Starting with the lightest shade I coloured the petals completely.

Y15 was then used for shadowing.

Y17 then added depth to the petals.

This is really starting to come together now.

I pondered for a considerable time as to how I was going to colour the sky, and is the reason why my final card looks different to the image I posted earlier. I had tried a technique and well lets say it was a bit of a mess, but I will try it again in the future. So reversing a technique I've seen to give a little atmosphere for images that would otherwise be floating, I decided to use what I call the dot method. Yes, hundreds of little dots. 

I used the following Blues for this technique: B99, B97, B95, B91 and B00.

My first layer at the outside of the frame was with the darkest shade B99.

Then I filled in the spaces with B97 and B95, and also a little yellow for stars, and bringing the dots in closer to the fairy and the moon.

B91 brought the sky in even closer to the moon.

The B00 was then used to fill in all remaining spaces, and brightening the area around the moon.

For the moon I decided to give it a little depth with C00. I shaded around the edges of the moon, and in spaces all over the moon, giving it it's pock marks.

The stalk was YG83. Her shoes are V20.

Tada! Below you can see that the card is finally finished. I put the cut out image onto some dark blue card stock. I made the flowers using the Botanical Rose stamps from heartfelt creations. I cut them out on my Brother ScannCut. The colours I used for the flowers and leaves are the same as the ones I used on the flower my fairy is using as a seat.   

As a review I've used the following in this project:


E30, E33, E35, 
W00, W1, W3, 
V91, V93, V95, V20, 
BV0000, BV000, BV01, 
Y08, Y11, Y15, Y17, 
YG83, YG 67, 
B00, B91, B95, B97, B99, 

(My favourite store for copics is Mad for Markers in Sydney. Sammi is just lovely, let her know I sent you.)

Stamps: Heartfelt Creations 'Botanical Rose' and the fairy is by Holly Harrison Art. 

Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black.

Tools: Brother Scan-n-Cut, Misti, Flower tool kit, Epson Printer.

Thank you for joining me in this project.

09 February 2017

My latest project

After a fun filled weekend of colouring at the Mad for Markers Arty Farty Crafty Party, here is an image that I'm about to turn into a card. This is an image from Molly Harrison Art. Isn't she gorgeous?

I will finish her, don't worry. I will post a picture of the finished card when its done.

New Year, New things on the horizon

That's right folks, new Krafting ideas are coming.

Over the next couple of months you will see new cards up on this blog, as well as a new YouTube channel and Etsy store. For those who can't be bothered making the cards on my channel, you will be able to purchase them!

Along with my daughter, I will be looking at creating our own range of digi stamps as well, she is quite the artist, now that is exciting.

In March I will also be taking the Copic Certification weekend and will be able to teach Copic classes here in Canberra. So if you are interested in bringing your colouring to the next level, let me know.

In the meantime, here are some images I have coloured since I was last here...