03 September 2009

Yet another Fathers Day Card

Ok, this is the last Fathers Day Card. This one is for my Dad from me (well and my family I spose). I really enjoyed making this, it took nearly an hour to do. The idea is that its a photo of Fathers Day this Sunday.

I've put a card on the back so it will stand alone, but I can also write a special message inside. He'll have the choice of hanging it, or standing it on a shelf.

The characters are our family. From left to right: my sisters hubby Robbie, my sister Pammy Peaches, and their dog Chiccy, my bubby girl Kyra, my mum, their dog Tessie, my dad, my step daughter Hannah, my step son Kyle (with the red shirt), me, my darling hubby Shane and mum and dads dog Sally (she's a pug, cant you tell). I have to tell you, the resemblence is uncanny. Actually none of us look like this apart from the dogs.. roflmao.

I'm very proud of this one. My darling is sick of me showing it to him, hehe.

Another fathers day card

I've made this card for my mum to give to my dad. Inside is the information about a concert she is taking him to.

02 September 2009

More new cards

Ok, as promised, I have been cardmaking. I finally got around to taking photos of them yesterday, and now I'm taking the opportunity of being home alone to take some photos.

The first 2 are for my dh for Fathers Day. DD saw the first one and announced that she needed one to give to him too. Ok so the second one is a bit feminin, but I like it.


The next card is a step card and inspired from 2 sources.

The idea for the step card was found at Creating Cards with Andrea . The colouring of the roses was found at Michell Zindorfs blog It took me forever to find the colours that she asks for but the ARE in the set of complete pens from Stampin Up.

Now I just have to make a card for my Dad.