29 April 2009

Day 1 Term 2

Oh my goodness. It was so cold yesterday, and the poor kids had to do cross country. Not only was there a cold wind, but it was also sprinkling. Poor Kyra didn't have a choice but to sit in the cold with the teachers as her foot is still healing. She was wishing she'd brought her jacket with her thats for sure.

But when I asked her how her day was she informed me that it was Fantastic. Never heard that one before. I think she's happy to be out of the wheel chair and able to play on the equipment again.

My boxes didn't arrive yet for the shop, so I had a lot of unhappy customers, but thats not my fault. I think they have very high expectations of me that I just can't keep up with. So I asked the school to put in the newsletter that preordered uniforms will be available next week. Give me a couple of days to get all that work done.

I was in bed at 7pm last night, so no crafting got done, but here is one I did earlier.


  1. What's with this early cold weather!? There's snow on the mountain behind Tidbinbilla already!

    PS What happened to Kyra?

  2. She broke her foot 6 weeks ago at the Kambah adventure playground, while in the care of my sister. She was in a wheel chair for about 5 weeks and on crutches for a week. She's on her feet again, but is walking awkwardly.

  3. I know only too well of the high expectations of customers, they act as if you've purposely delayed delivery and take it out on the salesperson, who is supposed to keep smiling because afterall the customer is always right. I don't think so.

    I hope that Kyra's foot keeps healing and that her awkward walk is gone very soon.


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